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 image of the nail moon 

between branches of mango leaves!  

tears of a poet  

[Originally published as (untitled haiku) at: The Poet's Haven]

Published works that first appeared in Poetry Haiku

 monsoon brings rain---
south wields winds...
douses the yore.

(Published: Poetry Haiku

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"An A & F Ad, a Bizarre Controversy on Television," published works originally posted at Kumquat Poetry

Campaign of A and F online I saw a scene on television

weird at a sister’s house one evening

the extraterrestrial it seemed at once to me she heard

the controversial ad of a campaign of A plus F

virtually online a viddy

there so plainly in black on white.

The news it happened all at once so very ordinarily

those brisk lads gamboling

networking in a socially acceptable way

a bunch of elite boys

so scantily in jeans thereupon a field

having lots of fun clad without so much as plaid

knew it ever altered our online thinking who would've

that way so they’d undress to look earthy on grass someway is neither

for us or them in The Big Apple, New York in a building in favor

to publicize it on viddy all

the way it was then on television e'er it was then

reported on video as news when

soon after as overt as awesome as surreal all out it went on a sluice

in a single day.

News most all of us plainly see a campaign as that

for all in audience to view

to be however extremely uncontroversial a short it was was A plus F’s to see.

The day's controversy of evanescent lads moved on

the months turned weeks had all until it had all it passed

googled A plus F in turn I had

so free to find extensive reports an article on boys disambiguated

youth on a threshold of a dream in a scene eternally involved with an impression

of in that ad ever in there gamboling in a field.

Offensive public internet sentiment on a story about

no on an age-old awesome stand on public decency I perused

A plus F a proud elite firm

goes on to invite a line, to publish a picture so constitutional

defending a right of free speech is for all is to express a right as lithe as white on black

but for those kids so young involved aright so bright

what is their right to fight is there right alright.

For most not ever is to me in love with our total ingratiation into law

news was it only is to me in A plus F

for all impressed

for top products too so death it is e'er is not e'er as a product e'er is

is to be a catalog of outsourced affordable goods

subscribing extends support

for A plus F in public areas to stand on free speech expressed

so none can be suppressed in all our areas in our hands

His ever-extending Land across the blue sea, across the blue open ocean,

aqua from on the sea to shining objects on the sea,

from every other illustrative coast to sandy inlet reef flat

coast on the opposite side on Turtle Island

all of everyone o' the pristine fields to gambol upon, all the bosks to see.


"Candles" by Jesus Chameleon

Long, slender, white 
Brightly, swiftly throughout the night 
 (Originally published at: The Poet's Haven)

Published works originally posted in Haiku Journal

 how new the smile that 
brightens, christens arrival---
sib's share in heaven  

(Published: Haiku Journal, Issue #21 )

din, in fall ending---

coffee, pop cooling and meals 

on a stove all worn

(Published: Haiku Journal, Issue #22 )

cooling blossoms here---

arranged into new bouquets 

to a torrid theme

(Published: Haiku Journal, Issue #23 )

yuletide tunes had played 

as a cross set on fire burned 

in a moving pic  

how a cross burning 

inspires repentance so soon---

the confessional  

(Published: Haiku Journal, Issue #24 )

quarter moon zenith...

body had reclined breathless 

white light on a block  

(Published: Haiku Journal, Issue #25)