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“Ode to a Christian Friend at Dedication”/”Ode for the Dedication of a Church to a Christian Friend” by Jesus Chameleon

Cornerstone, for us all, intercede for our soul, saintly friend

With Our Lord, in these pews, in these walls, high above, like a dove,

Take this place at table with Our Lord, saintly one, in the end!

Ne’er is hope ‘less you See, not despair when you See from above!

Dedicate in that stone, temple, too, with thy staff, shepherd friend:

With no fear; all our tears; and, salvation for souls, holy dove!

Flame of love, vessel filled with good fish, holy friend, to the end,

Twice as strong for all good, with icon, like a tree, rock of love!

Ten-by-five, start to end, friend of Christ, like The Twelve, Ezra’s rock

In The Book: visage on and outshines---Light of Life on His dock.

(c) Unpublished 2013

                                                 "Candles" by Jesus Chameleon


Long, slender, white

Brightly, swiftly throughout the night



(c) Unpublished 2013 

“X-MAS in HAGATNA (THE OLD CHAMORU WAY)” by Jesus Chameleon


Audio poem: "X-mas in Hagatna (The Old Chamoru Way)" (Part 1)

“X-MAS in HAGATNA (THE OLD CHAMORU WAY)” (Part 1) by Jesus Chameleon


Father once told me it's a…"Christmas in Agana the old Chamorro way, ‘lehu’!"

Associated images remembered were Norfolk pines made out to be

Christmas trees in the recesses of my mind are proof---

I believed it and fondly remembered it, too!


How beautiful those "Christmas" trees evergreen---

Seeing them on my sun-glared countenance in the rearview mirror of my father's

VW van driving by in old Agana---now the new Triangle Park so prim...

I dreamed: "Wow, real Christmas trees dad!  I want to see them in the dark!"


Getting home from one such trip, during Christmastide...

Remembering, climbing onto the couch by the "real" Christmas tree in our

home’s living space---

There stood a tree so deliciously decorated by my sisters and brothers---

The night after Thanksgiving Day---

I so lovingly paused and wondered shall I sit by for a trace!


Audio poem: "X-mas in Hagatna (The Old Chamoru Way)" (Part 2)

“X-MAS in HAGATNA (THE OLD CHAMORU WAY)” (Part 2) by Jesus Chameleon


O!  In Santa Claus how I believe---

As with many other things as a child I do---

This I cherish---I have proof!

Any such notions of rejecting Santa can never be real,

One Christmas season, climbing onto the couch, as I normally do...

Just outside our house, I saw a spectacular sight near Alutam---

An alien spaceship, I thought...

This must be Santa---maybe you'll believe me, too!


So dear to every Christian as to Chamoru Catholic children, too---

Is Christmas, and "Escuelan Pali"...

And trite gifts of the “Belen” we still have to this day---

Don't suppose other children tore theirs up at play!


A Christmastime for religious, Chamorro, and Christmas songs in Guahan is normal, too---

Songs at "nobenas" for the “Nino Jesus” are petitions for me, and you...

Then comes Christmas with “buenelos dagu”, and celebration with Chamoru Food, too!

So drop what you're doing, and come home to Guahan---

Let's all ye Chamoru Catholics, and Christians, and all good people plan! 


(c) Unpublished 2013