Jesus Chameleon

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Haiku by Jesus Chameleon 

Haiku by Jesus Chameleon



the last quarter moon…

both feet in broken buskins

a man bicycling


oxygen machine

a brother rests for the night–

tropical zephyr


octave of easter

local potato salad–

purple sky at dawn


 falling waterfall... 
 a lententide pilgrimage 
 nigh the omega  
 Copyright (c) Unpublished 2014, U.S.A. 

Lyric Poems by Jesus Chameleon 

globose moon

children play while avocados flower

the holidays pass


full moon rises...

white marshmallow

turtle hunches forward


how sweet the taste

of cotton candy---



oak moon...

a white wall

white roses had decorated!


nippy moon...

toys have paraded

to the end


memorable full moon...

turtle crawled

onto cotton candy


full moon...

air balloons move fast

which parade like toys that process



Jesus Chameleon from the Pacific, Winter 2013.

(untitled lyric poems), Copyright (c) Unpublished 2014, U.S.A.